Paul Daniels Chops Off His Finger While Fixing Safety Device To Saw

Now That's Tragic: Paul Daniels Chops Off Finger With Power Tool

Paul Daniels feared his magical career was over when he sawed off the top of his little finger.

The accident happened when the magician was, somewhat ironically, in his shed attempting to fix a safety device to the circular saw he uses as part of his act.

"Very quickly and without any warning the piece of timber seemed to leap and pulled my left hand fingers into the teeth of the circular saw," he told the Daily Mail.

"My head was full of the pain and the possible thought that it was the end of my magic."

Daniels, whose wife Debbie McGee was at work at the time, had to drive himself to hospital as blood poured from the wound. Fortunately the injury was not life threatening and missed his middle finger "by a bit of magic".

A surgeon has now reattached the finger.

It is not the first time Daniels has come a cropper. In August last year he needed medical care after being hit in the face with a pizza thrown by Sooty the puppet.

Sooty later said he was "very sorry" for what happened.


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