Urinating Mannequin Banned From Philip Browne Shop Window In Norwich

Urinating Mannequin Banned From Shop Window

A shop owner has been told to remove a urinating mannequin from his window after police were called.

The owner of menswear shop Philip Browne, in Guildhall Hill, Norwich, had posed a wooden mannequin urinating on a wall and spelling out the word "sale" in the store's window.

The mannequin was surrounded by empty champagne bottles, party poppers and discarded clothes to depict the aftermath of a night out.

But police were called by a member of the public who took exception to the display.

Officers warned shop owner Philip Browne that he could be violating the 1986 Public Order Act.

"In a gallery it is not offensive, but in public you can be prosecuted. It only takes one person."

However, he said he would change the display and apologise to anybody who was offended.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: "Complaints from the public concerned that a 'urinating mannequin' in a shop in Norwich is offending public decency are being looked into by Norfolk Constabulary."


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