Barack Obama Tells Terrible 'Spilt Milk' Joke During 2012 State Of The Union Address (VIDEO)

WATCH: Barack Obama Tells Terrible 'Spilt Milk' Joke

Ever heard a joke so bad, even the joke-teller's other half winces? If you haven't, prepare to experience it for the first time with this, Barack Obama's one and only 'joke' during this year's State Of The Union address.

The joke's so lame we won't 'spoil' it for for you by writing it out here, but know this: it's bad. Polite applause and a 'Is this thing on?'-face from the leader of the free world bad, in fact.

But it's a rare blip in Barack Obama's otherwise pretty spotless comedy track record - the man's done so many cool things over the years that it's a genuine shock to see him die so badly on stage.

After all, this is the man who sang an Al Green in the middle of a fundraiser... and nailed it. Newt Gingrich couldn't have pulled off that move, that's for sure.

So as an easing balm for all you Obama fans out there, here's a YouTube gallery of Barack's coolest moments. It almost makes you wish you were American, doesn't it? Emphasis on the 'almost' there, mind...


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