25/01/2012 08:42 GMT

Never Liked It Anyway: A Website For Selling Unwanted Gifts From Bad Relationships

A new website, NeverLikedItAnyway, has been created for those who want to dispose of unwanted gifts from ex-partners – and is steadily becoming the place to go for bargain diamond rings, jewellery and of course, discarded wedding gowns.

The site, set up by Annabel Action who found herself single just days before Christmas, was inspired by the silver lining of a break-up – the chance to make money from selling unwanted gifts from deceitful ex-lovers.

Of the hundreds of items on this eBay-style website, scores of platinum diamond rings and wedding bands, which feature the ‘real world price’ but sell for the ‘break-up price’ are available at bargain prices. Each item comes with ‘the story’ that explains why their post-relationship item is up for grabs – and what went wrong.

Selling her 1.24 carat princess cut engagement ring and 5 karat diamond wedding band, ‘jaholland’ says: “I was married for a little over 6 years. Then I found out my husband had been cheating on me for over a year with his best friend's wife....Yes, I know it sounds like the Jerry Springer Show.”

Other pre-loved items include a never-been-worn wedding gown going for $400 with the seller adding: “I tried on this dress and fell in love. Unfortunately, my relationship ended due to the fact that he was a cheater. Yeah…”

Of the scores of jewellery and once-worn wedding dresses, there are also other items like a pair of leather boots. Explaining why she wants rid of her ‘Jeff’ leather boots, user ‘Natasha; says: “His name was Jeff. He turned into a heel. Cannot wear the boot knowing that its name is Jeff... although every step I take if I did keep them would make me feel like I was stepping on his head... maybe I could keep them. No. Someone else should stomp him. Please take them off my hands.”

And it’s not just the women selling off their relationship pastimes – user ‘tjeff’ is currently flogging a three-day weekend wedding package in New York adding, “Not wanting to tell my story but suffice to say, I won’t be there…”

While one website aims to wipe out the memories of an ex, another brings estranged couples back in contact.

The ‘WotWentWrong’ website and phone App is designed to help couples speak via a third party to find out what went wrong in the relationship. Using special templates to draft letters to exes created especially to approach tricky subjects, exes are sent these letters and are given their own template to draft an honest reply.

The makers behind the App are hoping that this will help deliver “insights and behaviours to ensure your relationship goals”.