Sculpture, Photography, Self-Portrait And Installation Art In One: Meet Levi Van Veluw, If You Can Spot Him...

Who Needs A Canvas When You Have A Head?

Meet the artist who takes being 'immersed in his work' to an entirely new level.

Levi Van Veluw fuses sculpture, photography and installation art to stunning effect as he camouflages himself to fit into a series of carefully constructed backgrounds.

When we asked him what inspired Origin of the Beginning, Veluw explained: "The context of these portraits is my childhood, and obsessive attempts to gain control on my life by gaining control of my surroundings.

"That's the subject of all of my works."

There is no digital manipulation involved, and each of his installations takes around 11 hours to make. Spread over three 'rooms', each scene is covered with more than 30,000 wooden blocks, balls and slats.

Veluw is currently looking forward to exhibiting some of his work in New York later this year, and is working on "a large drawing and a new installation".

We can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


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