01/02/2012 05:27 GMT

English Bulldog Puppies Learn To Walk For The First Time (VIDEO)

Meet English bulldogs Sylvester and Shirley. Just a couple of weeks old, they're currently being looked after by their breeders Scott and Shannon Lathrop from

The thing is... the poor dears can't walk very well. Then again, they're only little, so what did we expect - backflips?

But it's their inabilty to walk so well that makes them so adorable - that and the ever-so-squeaky squeaks that peep out their mouths every other second.

Frankly, we thought we'd seen the ultimate video of English Bulldog puppies being adorable years ago - see below - but we were wrong. Dead wrong.

But we need to know... which video is cuter? Sylvester and Shirley (above) or this Bulldog father meeting his daughter for the first time (below)? Let us know in the comment box.

And if you want your own pet pooch of the English Bulldog persuasion, have some available right about... now.