02/02/2012 07:20 GMT

Exhibition Road In Kensington Re-Opened As 'Clutter-Free' Street

One of London's busiest streets has been transformed into a "shared space" where cars and pedestrians mingle freely.

Exhibition Road in Kensington, home to the Victoria and Albert Museum, now features a kerb-free single surface with no barriers or street clutter.

Visual and 'tactile lines' distinguish pedestrian areas from those used by vehicles. Cars are slowed by a 20mph speed limit.

The idea behind the scheme is that as well looking pleasant, drivers will be more aware that pedestrians could be nearby and will take a more careful approach.

Boris Johnson said the newly designed street would make the area a more attractive place to visit in the Olympic year.

"Like the many other improvements we are making to London's great outdoors it is projects like these that are not just creating fantastic new places to enjoy but which are supporting and delivering many jobs across the capital," he said.

"This clever approach to rearranging the streetscape at the heart of one of the most important cultural and academic corners on the planet will heighten the whole experience for visitors. In particular it will make it much easier and even more pleasurable for families visiting these unique attractions with space to wander unhindered in an area that puts people first."