Diesel Slams 'Misopolis Abortions For Successful Living' Spoof Advert

Diesel In Spoof 'Abortion Advert' Storm

Fashion giant Diesel has reacted with fury after a spoof advert in its name appeared online featuring images of robots dispensing abortion pills into the mouths of models.

The site hails the "Misopolis" collection, which purports to provide "Abortions for successful living" - a play on the real firm's well-known "successful living" campaign.

Literature on the spoof site says: "We, at Diesel, have a stupid dream.

"What if we gave our female factory workers the same rights as successful people? A factory where they decide over their own bodies. Where they can have happy accidents without consequences. A factory for only the brave."

It continues: "Abstinence is f**ked up" and even makes reference to back-street abortions carried out with coat hangers."

We spoke to Diesel HQ today and they said: "Diesel can categorically state that we have no involvement in this campaign and have already begun the process of a legal investigation - we will ensure all steps are taken to hold the person(s) accountable for this fake campaign activity."

Despite Diesel's denial, the blog community is already abuzz with surprise.

Dollymix wrote: "If it's genuine, its possibly the most ill-advised piece of advertising I've ever seen.

"We can see what's being attempted here: it's a sort of 'reaction piece' to the increasingly powerful pro-abstinence movement that's gaining ground in the States: a tongue-in-cheek rejection of it intended to resonate with liberal-leaning women.

"The ads are clearly designed to court controversy and 'go viral' and you might well argue that this article is itself just rising to the bait - but I honestly don't think that Diesel will get the type of notoriety they wanted from trivialising such a sensitive topic."

According to Twitter users, the campaign has apparently been traced back to Women On Waves, a site which promotes safe abortions.

Literature on the site reads: "Women on Waves is a non-profit organization concerned with women's human rights. Its mission is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortions throughout the world."

It names the founder as Rebecca Gomperts, a doctor, artist and abortion rights activist who has won numerous women's rights awards.

Calls to the organisation were unanswered this afternoon.


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