We wanted to remind people that under the shiny bonnet of VW’s latest promises lies the same old dirty diesel engine of old
It’s now time for the car lobby to catch up with consumers and with some of the companies they are supposed to represent
Whether the SNP is bold enough to go further into the political hot potato of carbon taxing remains unclear. Time is of the essence and she was right to point out that countries should not be making impressive targets for the next two decades - but rather requires urgent action in the next two years. Nicola has raised the bar for the UK, and it will be interesting to see if Teresa May can meet her there with some ambitious policies of her own.
And the city’s mayor wants to ban the sale of diesel cars by 2024.
There's something about air pollution caused largely by emissions from diesel vehicles that people can't quite get their heads around. A perfect example of blissful ignorance. Until I had a call from a friend and ex-colleague Eleanor Church, I was one of them.
Air pollution is an invisible but deadly problem. Right now, the health of thousands of people across the UK is under threat from dangerously high levels of air pollution. It's a threat that requires immediate action.
The UK government has now received as final warning over repeated breaches of air pollution limits in sixteen areas. This
According to a recent news report, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling is thinking of introducing a diesel scrappage scheme
The five things you need to know on Friday, February 3… 1) A BRIDGE TOO FAR? Theresa May joins her EU colleagues in Malta
Let's be clear, we are faced with a crucial choice: exposing an entire generation to the potentially irreversible impacts of air pollution or continuing to run our cities on diesel. I am on the side of doctors on this one--and so should be you.