Hero Doctor James Hickman Amputates Worker's Trapped Arm 100ft Above Ground

Hero Doctor Amputates Worker's Trapped Arm 100ft Above Ground

A doctor is being hailed a hero after performing an emergency amputation on a worker’s arm while perched 100ft off the ground.

Dr James Hickman carried out the emergency operation on a narrow gantry after the worker got his limb caught in the jaws of a factory feeding machine, the Sun reported.

The 45-year-old told the Mirror: “The fire and rescue service tried to extract his arm but it became clear that wasn’t feasible within reasonable time. The only way to free him was amputation.

“It was challenging medically because of the environment – it was a very narrow space and involved working at a height, so I needed to be careful.”

The 56-year-old worker was airlifted to hospital and is now recovering at home, following the accident near Langport, Somerset, last week.

The incident, which occurred at Lloyd’s Animal Feeds site, is being investigated by the Health and Safety Executive, the Daily Mail said.

Dr Hickman made the headlines last year when he was the first doctor on the scene of the fatal M5 crash in November.

He was the medical commander at the scene which claimed seven lives.


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