Footage shows the Frenchman frantically leaping out of his fireball inferno with the aid of a medical doctor.
Nottinghamshire Police has confirmed the girl has died after a collision on December 22.
Police described it as a “despicable” act.
A neighbour who left an angry note on an ambulance which was treating a critical patient who later died, has described his
As a paramedic, you never know what you're going to be confronted by or how long you are going to be working for. If you are due to finish at 7pm and a call comes in at 6.59pm - you obviously have to answer it. And you have to see it through - right to the end. You just don't question it. It's what the job demands, but everyone has their breaking point.
The reality, as people watching the series will see, is pretty different from the drama version. We do get to save lives and that in itself is an amazing feeling. We meet and help some wonderful people, however we are also at the stage of having to pick up the pieces left by cuts in care that have left vulnerable people with no-one else to turn to for help.
This is the AirMule and despite looking like the world's first flying tank this is actually a two-person autonomous drone
At least one person is understood to have died in a motorway pile-up involving 30 cars on the M40, on the same day that three
The Dubai government has unveiled what might be the fastest ambulance in the world, a heavily modified Lotus Evora. Dubai