06/02/2012 09:57 GMT | Updated 06/02/2012 11:01 GMT

Butlins Redcoats, British Designer Hannah Clayton Creates Latest Uniform (PICTURES)

Holiday camp Butlins today launched its latest Redcoat uniform – designed by Hannah Clayton.

The iconic uniform worn by workers at the 75-year-old firm has gone through numerous reinventions – with Zandra Rhodes and Jeff Banks both having designed versions.

It first came to prominence in 1936 at Skegness holiday camp when owner Billy Butlin introduced the distinctive red blazer as a means for guests to recognise staff easily.

Ahead of its 2012 incarnation, the firm celebrated its 75th birthday last year with a retro look, taking inspiration from the original uniforms.

Des O’Connor, Darren Day, Lee from Steps and Jimmy Tarbuck have all worked as Redcoats.