07/02/2012 10:35 GMT | Updated 07/02/2012 10:55 GMT

Kangaroo Court Beer Replaces Top Totty In Parliament Bar

A parliamentary bar has reacted after a beer deemed to be "sexist" was pulled from its taps by installing a new flavour - Kangaroo Court.

The Strangers bar in the Palace of Westminster, popular with MPs, swiftly pulled 'Top Totty' from its pumps after Labour MP Kate Green complained about it on the floor of the Commons last week. The beer's logo featured a scantily clad woman.

But the bar has bounced back, and now features 'Kangaroo Court', a 4% blonde ale for £2.90 a pint, on tap.

The substitute was spotted by Conservative MP Andrew Griffiths, who speculated on Twitter as to whether the Commons authorities were sending a subtle message to those who complained.

Shadow minister Kerry McCarthy told the Huffington Post UK the decision to stock 'Top Totty' showed women were not treated with respect by Commons authorities.

"It's bizarre that they didn't realise it could be controversial. It is totally demeaning," she said.