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Bolton school head hails the "massively" positive impact on mental health of pupils
Shadow education secretary Kate Green said the allegations were ‚Äúreally distressing‚ÄĚ.
Labour MPs tell education secretary Gavin Williamson homes are "too often a source of neglect and exploitation‚ÄĚ.
Labour deputy leader apologises for comment about Chris Clarkson during "heated" debate on Greater Manchester tier 3 deal.
But Sage scientist warns "it’s better to do it now than in a month’s time".
Shadow education secretary Kate Green said Year 11 and 13 students face "a mountain to climb" after losing up to six months of teaching time.
‚ÄúTo wait until the Friday night before most schools return isn‚Äôt the government‚Äôs finest moment.‚ÄĚ
The government had ‚Äúrisked thousands of young people being robbed of their futures‚ÄĚ, said shadow education secretary Kate Green.
Labour writes to education secretary Gavin Williamson after Scotland's downgrading of pupils from most deprived backgrounds.
Most of all though, I am looking forward to a purposeful, creative, comradely conference that's an opportunity for Fabians to do what we've done for over 100 years - contribute our best thinking to the service of the whole Labour movement. I can promise on behalf of everyone attending that we'll put in that effort this weekend. We hope that colleagues across the party will welcome our doing so.
This weekend, Fabians from across the country will be meeting for our annual New Year conference. A new year is a time for fresh beginnings, and it has never felt more important for the left to face the future than now.
I'm voting for Corbyn because his commitment to women's equality has been consistent from his days as a trade union worker supporting women in the fight for equal pay, to the far-reaching and comprehensive set of policies on women's equality he announced this week.
Read more on The Huffington Post McDonnell had not responded to the claims at time of publishing. NOW READ: John McDonnell
'We need to hear more strong women's voices'
Jeremy Corbyn and Harriet Harman have warned that the EU referendum campaign is being ‚Äúdominated by Tory men‚ÄĚ who should
Women get paid less than men in every government department, Whitehall’s own figures have signalled. Each Whitehall office
We make up over half of the population - if we all voted, women could decide the next Government! But 34% of women did not turn out to vote at last year's election - and their voices went unheard... It is just as important that women have their say on the EU referendum coming up on 23rd June. It is the biggest decision our country has had to make in a generation and polling shows that up to a quarter of women are undecided about their vote, almost twice as many as men. Women could decide the result, but only if they are registered to vote.
It is vital that we ensure that the new curriculums in all subjects are of the highest quality and provide our young people with strong knowledge and skills for the future. The decision to erase feminism from politics will limit opportunities for students, both male and female, to study the history and future of gender equality. We're calling on you now to reconsider and reinstate these vitally important topics in the final draft.
Labour supports an overall cap on benefits spending, but that means tackling the root causes of poverty among disabled people - low employment and the failure of government employment programmes such as the Work Programme to help them into jobs, rising living costs and the squeeze on family finances, and the pressures on public services that prevent them from participating fully in society. These pressures help create a vicious circle that means poverty and disability are mutually reinforcing. Labour is determined to break that link.