07/02/2012 06:31 GMT

Time-Lapse Video Of A Tortoise Eating Salad Will Make You Feel Healthier By Proxy (VIDEO)

There's something about watching a tortoise eating its dinner. We're not quite sure what it is, but there's definitely something. Something... intriguing.

It's down to their slow-moving nature, of course, as well as their tiny, snappy, beaky mouths - but whatever the appeal, we've now got two videos of the hare-chasing reptiles doing the eating thing up on Huffington Post Comedy UK.

The first emerged online around Christmas time last year, with Kevin the tortoise suffering from terrible depth perception as he attempts to snap at a piece of tomato. This time around, it's something much more spectacular - and much, much faster.

Shot by freelance cameraman Matthew Hoyos, it shows his pet tortoise eating a salad... at a super-fast speed.

Using time-lapse, it looks like the tortoise in question is some sort of mega tortoise, hoovering up food like a demon - an impression helped by the bombastic backing music Hoyos has added.

You can see more of Hoyos' work here on his YouTube channel as well as his website, but before you do, check out this animals-riding-other-animals video gallery we've got for you below. After all, it kicks off with a chicken on top of a tortoise...