10/02/2012 05:19 GMT | Updated 11/04/2012 06:12 BST

Apple iPad3 Release Date Rumours

Apple's iPad 2 was only released on March 2 2011, but the Apple iPad 3 release rumours and heating up.

Naturally, Apple has nothing to add to the the rumour mill. But that shouldn't stop you getting excited about the possibility that iPad 3 could be released very soon.

The Verge reports that the new iPad will have an "iPad Retina Display, clocking in at 2048 x 1536", will look much the same as the existing iPad, be 1 millimeter thicker. The site also says iPad3 "is likely to sport will include a significantly more powerful GPU", which one should expect from a new model of most devices.

The new housing for the iPad 3 has emerged in China, according to Repair Logs.

They say that slight differences between this design and the current iPad 2 mean the new iPad 3 will have "more battery", a different camera and different LCD.

Crucially, when can you get the new iPad? All Things D write that the first week of March has been set aside as the iPad 3 launch date, which will be held in San Francisco, according to the site.

Apple was contacted for comment on the rumoured release, but did not respond. The company is known for not responding to rumour, or speaking about products before release.