Brits Wake Up Grumpy, Study Reveals

Grumpy? That's Because You're British

If you find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed more often than not and the alarm clock snooze button is your friend, you're not alone - a third of Brits wake up grumpy.

A survey by YouGov and PomeGreat discovered more than a third of adults in the UK dread getting out of bed and blame their early morning mood swings on work stress.

Of the 2,032 people questioned, one in four wished they didn't have to go to work, with women dreading the day ahead the most.

Despite previous studies telling us that early morning risers are 'slimmer, happier and healthier', over 29% of women feel miserable at the start of the working week, compared to 26% of men.

And it's (unsurprisingly) Monday mornings that cause the most misery, and it's the Welsh that feel the most blue, as 34% of them struggle to scramble from under the duvet, compared to 30% of Londoners, 28% Northerners and 27% of people living in Southern England.

"Work has become so stressful, more and more of us are producing the cortisol hormone in reaction to stress. This causes us to become irritable, anxious, aggressive and as a result, more unhappy in general," Dr. Dorian Dugmore, a cardiovascular expert from the study, said in a statement.

"There are plenty of things that we can do to lift our spirits in the morning. A good shower and a balanced breakfast, including a glass of juice, have been clinically proven to improve our mood.

"Furthermore, simple activities like singing in the shower can release endorphins which reduce stress and lower our heart rate, assuming the song is a happy one."

Feeling stressed out can also play havoc with our sleep patterns, leading to disruptive sleep and insomnia.

"Lack of sleep can lead to low energy and concentration levels, depression, immune deficiency, relationship problems, weight gain (as the mind tries to boost energy by making us eat more), and even serious medical problems such as heart disease," says cognitive hypnotherapist, Lesley McCall.

To avoid these sleep-related health worries, find out how to block out your daily stresses and beat the night demons.

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