10 Ways To Beat Insomnia With Cognitive Therapy


British people are a nation of insomniacs, according to a recent sleep study.

The Mental Health Foundation found that nearly a third of Brits suffer from insomnia - and those are just the people who are desperate enough to speak to their GP.

"Lack of sleep can lead to low energy and concentration levels, depression, immune deficiency, relationship problems, weight gain (as the mind tries to boost energy by making us eat more), and even serious medical problems such as heart disease," says cognitive hypnotherapist, Lesley McCall.

Over 10 million sleeping pill prescriptions are issued every year but does reaching for the pills really work or do they simply suppress the symptoms leaving the cause untouched?

Non-drug therapies such as cognitive hypnotherapy (CBT) can help to re-establish natural sleeping patterns - ensuring a long lasting change without medication.

Below, cognitive hypnotherapist Lesley McCall offers her expert tips on how to beat insomnia without popping pills.

10 Ways To Beat Insomnia

10 Ways To Beat Insomnia

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