14/02/2012 06:47 GMT | Updated 14/02/2012 07:17 GMT

Valentines Day Politics - Sarah Teather Love Video As Survey Suggests Lib Dems 'Most Romantic'

Sadly for MPs Valentines Day has fallen during the Commons recess, so love will unfortunately not be in the air at Westminster. Awww.

That said, the Lords are sitting this week, so it's not inconceivable that there could be some amorous Peers in Parliament. But we'd prefer not to think about that, thanks all the same.

Much more exciting is the prospect of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls cooking one of his famous lasagnes as a romantic treat for Yvette Cooper. Actually that's not a savoury picture, either.

Love is in the air for Childrens' Minister Sarah Teather, though. Thanks to Guido Fawkes we've been alerted to this slick video from a devoted fan. Watch it through to the end, when the Brent MP delivers a withering address from the despatch box, showing this pint-sized minister can be pretty domineering when she feels like it...

We're not sure whether Sarah is currently in a relationship (neither her personal website nor the universal fountain of knowledge wikipedia is forthcoming on this), so our YouTube romeo might yet be in luck.

To commemorate Valentines' Day, Sky News has produced an internal poll among its political team of the hottest MPs. Once again the Labour MP for Wavertree Luciana Berger has topped the women in the Commons, with Zac Goldsmith edging it out over Chuka Umunna for the most fanciable men.

It's a further blow for the Shadow Business Secretary, who had been romantically linked to Luciana Berger until the middle of last year.

Apart from Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats are rather absent from Sky's list (and Sarah Teather doesn't feature at all). Which is a shame given this study produced by online dating website Freedating.co.uk. It suggests the most romantic people in Britain are more likely to vote Lib Dem.

Tories and Labour voters are far less amorous, apparently, although appear to be equal in their stoicism.

Infographic: The Politics of Valentine's Day
The Politics of Valentine's Day by Free Dating.co.uk

Happy Valentine's Day!