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We need a long-term action plan for mental health support, just as much as a plan for the economic recovery, Luciana Berger writes.
The objective of that day a year ago was to say publicly what many would only say in private, former executive director of The Independent Group Nicola Murphy writes.
Campaigning MP talks about the need for a female leader, Labour's future, anti-Semitism, Europe – and Meghan Markle.
All 11 of the MPs who quit Labour or the Tories lost their seats last week.
Only Luciana Berger stood a chance of winning a seat, but trailed the Tories in second.
Here's how to follow the general election result hour-by-hour, from the exit poll to key seats to watch.
Actor Hugh Grant has commented on Boris Johnson’s new campaign video, which parodies a famous scene in the 2003 film, Love Actually. Grant earlier this month has also been hitting the campaign trail with Liberal Democrats candidate Luciana Berger against Johnson’s party.
Lib Dem leader kicks off campaign with battle bus tour of Tory marginals. "I hope the fun is going to happen."
Our party should always provide a home for the Luciana Bergers of the world – but the Phillip Lees need to check their baggage at the door, writes Chris Whiting
Liverpool Wavertree MP says it is "the strongest party to stop Brexit, fight for equality and a fairer country".