Valentines Day Around The World: Quirky, Bouncy And Hairy (Pictures)

PICTURES: Quirky, Bouncy And Hairy: Valentine's Day Around The World

Valentine's day is a romantic holiday celebrated across the world, with lovers exchanging gifts, sharing supper or for more courageous folk, revealing their attraction to that special friend.

Some take their honouring of Valentinius to the next level, proposing to their special one, or choosing Cupid's holiday to tie the knot.

This couple chose the Empire State Building to wed on 14 February, their vows echoed in the fairy-tale setting of Romantic Comedy Sleepless in Seattle.

These two women became the first same-sex couple to be married at the New York city landmark.

Lela Mc Arthur and Stephanie Figarelle of Anchorag, Alaska

Less intimate, but just as amorous, competitors in Thailand held the World's Longest Continuous Kiss Competition in Pattaya. Another quirky couple rehearsed for their wedding in an inflatable church.

Pia Walter and Maxence Lepesant stand in an inflatable church for their wedding rehearsal in Berlin, Germany

Couples in Ukraine's capital left their names and locks of hair on the "Bridge of Love" in Kiev, as a token of their love. The lovers can be seen kissing all along the snowy bridge, with stunning views across the frozen river in the sub-zero weather.

If that dedication to romance isn't making you queasy enough, meet this ram and doe, who couldn't keep their hooves off each other during their wedding on the Valentine's Day at Yunnan Wild Animals Zoo in China.

Check out how Valentine's day was celebrated around the world, with proposals in Taiwan, couples on the "Bridge of Love" in Kiev, and cold weather and heart balloons, in Poland.


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