15/02/2012 11:40 GMT | Updated 16/04/2012 06:12 BST

Greece Debt Crisis: Lambrousi Harikleia Threatens Suicide After 'Losing Job' (PICTURES)

This is the harrowing moment a female office worker climbed onto a window ledge and threatened to kill herself after hearing she was about to lose her job.

Lambrousi Harikleia is on the second floor of the Labour Housing Organisation building, which is set to be closed down due to the euro debt crisis.

According to the Daily Mail, Ms Harikleia has a chronically ill child and is distraught at the prospect of paying for medical care without a salary.

Negotiations are believed to be ongoing as officials try to move her to safety.

Reports say her husband, who works in the same building, also threatened to commit suicide, but was talked down by emergency crews.

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