15/02/2012 08:04 GMT

How Hollywood Says 'I Love You' Supercut Is Guaranteed To Make You Feel Absurdly Romantic (VIDEO)

You don't need a doctorate in film studies to know that romance is a key part of cinema. Walk into your local Odeon and chances are the film you'll see will include a declaration of love or two. Them's the rules, basically.

Highlighting that fact, YouTuber Matthew Belinke of has patched together 94 of cinema's most romantic moments into this glorious, heartfelt, worryingly soppy four-minute masterpiece.

But unlike other supercuts, which tend to just be chopped up examples of different tropes and cliches, this one's been put together in a way that it sounds a lot like a real monologue from a real person. A real, very witty, exceptionally well-written person, sure, but there you have it. You can even check out the transcript on the video's YouTube page if you're interested.

It's so good we're going to add it to our tried-and-true, much-loved super video gallery of best supercuts ever - and to remind you of its brilliance, here is said video gallery in all its glory. A word of advice, however: you can get lose all track of time watching these bad boys. Don't say we didn't warn you...