20/02/2012 13:12 GMT

Surprise Health Benefits Of Regular Sex

According to recent study by Good Housekeeping magazine, stress and tiredness caused by the recession is putting a damper on our love lives.

More than a couple of British couples shy away from getting jiggy under the sheets due to their dwindling libidos and lack of energy, caused by being overworked and being blighted with money worries.

The study of 1,000 people found that couples had more sex a year ago – and they blame juggling jobs, childcare and finance struggles as the culprit.

It seems that sex is no longer on the menu…

“When we are stressed our bodies produced stress hormones which can affect libido very negatively,” explains Relate counsellor, Paula Hall. “It doesn’t necessarily mean that women are more tired than men, but environmental factors like tiredness and mood have more effect on women’s sex drive.”

Lack of libido can be tackled with a simple change of diet with a helping of hot aphrodisiac foods and an even hotter mix of superfoods for sex.

If you need more persuasion to knock you out of your sexless slumber what about this – regular sex can keep you young, stress-free and healthier.

Aside from its obvious benefits (wink, wink), lovemaking can boost your overall health and ultimately make you happier and more relaxed. Plus, you could even shift those stubborn pounds on the scales…

Find out how you can sleep your way to better health…

Surprise Health Benefits Of Sex