Barack Obama Sings 'Sweet Home Chicago', Performs With Mick Jagger And BB King (VIDEO)

Back on 20 January, Barack Obama sang a line or two from Al Green's Let's Stay Together. On 21 February, Barack Obama sang a few bars of Robert Johnson's Sweet Home Chicago.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the singing president. It may have taken four years for the big man to build up the courage to grab the mic, but now he's started, it looks like he's on a roll.

"Come on, baby don't you want to go," he crooned - twice - before singing out "Sweet Home Chicago" at the end.

It all came about thanks to a special White House blues night, with special guests including the legendary BB King and Mick Jagger, coming together to form the 'White House Blues All-Stars'.

But whatever you think about Obama's vocals, there's no denying it's an appropriate song choice, with the one-time Illinois senator filling each word with bucketloads of feeling.

Needless to say, it's not the first time Obama has done something really rather cool for no particular reason. Below the slideshow of photos from his blues shindig, check out our video collection of his best moments - kicking off, of course, with his Al Green 'cover' from last month.