Feast Your Eyes On A Slimmer Venus

From Renaissance Heroine To Size Zero

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A worrying truth considering all we see nowadays are images of tall, slim women with flawless faces, no wrinkles and long curly manes.

Giordano has taken a few liberties with some iconic Renaissance paintings such as Bougeureau’s The Birth of Venus and Richard’s The Power of Venus, and given them a virtual makeover to resemble the figures we are used to seeing on magazine covers - rubbing a little bottom off here, administering a digital tummy tuck there.

It’s not the only time the artist, who also works as a model and actress, has addressed social issues through her creativity.

The intentions behind her latest project Pop Bottles with its slogan "parents, please, feed your kids responsibly", are clear.

“This is an art project to raise social awareness on topics such as alcohol abuse by teens, alcohol abuse by pregnant women, the disinterest of some parents towards their children (abandoned for days between toys and video games), how far marketers can go to gain the attention of their younger customers,” the artist told The Huffington Post UK.

Giordano is a very socially conscious, talented artist and we can’t wait to see what she does next.


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