27/02/2012 02:02 GMT | Updated 27/02/2012 02:03 GMT

Lockerbie: Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi Claims Innocence In New Book You Are My Jury

New claims that will allegedly "destroy the prosecution case" against the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing will be revealed today.

A new book Megrahi: You Are My Jury features exclusive interviews with Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, in which he protests his innocence and insists he was "the innocent victim of dirty politics, a flawed investigation and judicial folly".

The book's author John Ashton is a writer, researcher and TV producer who has studied the Lockerbie case for 18 years, and spent three years as a researcher with Megrahi's legal team.

The book is purported to feature "conclusive new evidence" which "destroys the prosecution case and puts the Scottish criminal justice system in the dock".

The author further claims that the murderers of the 270 Lockerbie victims "were acting on behalf of an entirely different government, rather than Colonel Gaddafi and Libya".

In his endorsement for the book, Mr Megrahi said: "You know me as the Lockerbie bomber. I know that I'm innocent.

"Here, for the first time, is my true story: how I came to be blamed for Britain's worst mass murder, my nightmare decade in prison and the truth about my controversial release. Please read it and decide for yourself. You are now my jury."

The Lockerbie wreckage

The book's publishers say Megrahi "will not receive any financial profit from the publication of this book".

The author insists the new evidence goes beyond the findings of Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC), which permitted the appeal against Megrahi`s conviction that was subsequently abandoned ahead of Megrahi's release on compassionate grounds.

Mr Ashton will unveil his claims at the MacDonald Holyrood Hotel, in the shadow of the Scottish Parliament, alongside Justice For Megrahi campaigners Dr Jim Swire, Rev John Mosey and Iain McKie who have demanded an independent inquiry into Megrahi's conviction.

The book launch will be followed by two television documentaries which further claim to undermine the case against Megrahi.

At 7.30pm BBC Scotland Investigates will feature "the first and only English interview with the dying Al-Megrahi who claims the full truth about Lockerbie has never been revealed".

The documentary will uncover "new evidence that has never been heard before and cast fresh doubts not only on Al-Megrahi's conviction but on whether Libya was involved at all".

Then at 8pm Al Jazeera English will "reveal the secret contents" of the SCCRC review.

Lockerbie: Case Closed, gained access to the commission's investigations and uncovered "fresh scientific evidence" which it claims is unknown to the commission and "comprehensively undermines" part of the case against the Lockerbie bomber.