Badgermin, Badger Crossed With Theremin, By David Cranmer (PICTURES, VIDEO)

What The Fresh Hell Is This? Introducing The Badgermin (PICTURES, VIDEO)

What do you get if you cross a dead badger with a theremin?

What are you sick, why would you even want to do that?

Well, David Cranmer has, and this is the macabre, yet strangely compelling result.

Dubbed the Badgermin, this intimate combination of deceased mammal and weird electronic musical instrument, will tantalise your ears as well as your eyes.

The theremin is traditionally played via two metal antennaes which sense the position of the player’s hands, allowing it to operate without actually being touched.

In this case the antennae appear to be protruding from the striped beast’s neck and backside.

Cranmer’s musical badger also includes electronics from a PAiA Theremax kit, and can be customised for interested buyers.

Upon unveiling his design, Cranmer quipped: “200 points to whoever it was that said “Can’t wait to see it play a live sett…”

The haunting sounds produced by the theremin are popular in movie soundtracks, and the instrument has featured on Spellbound, The Lost Weekend, The Day the Earth Stood Still and has even popped up on Midsomer Murders.

Psychedelic rock band Hawkwind are also known to be fond of the theremin.

Cranmer, an artist who specialises in electronic instruments, mechanical sculptures and robots, is also responsible for the construction of a programmable Musical Pig, the Furby Gurby and Nine Owls In A Baguette.

I don't know why, but I really, really want a Badgermin.

Scroll down for video of the Badgermin in action.

What songs would you play on the Badgermin? We've come up with...

Black or White - Michael Jackson

Taxidermistman - The Beatles

Got My Mind Sett On You - George Harrison

Going Underground - The Jam

Underground by Ben Folds Five

Cleobadger (comin' atcha!) - Cleopatra

Jazz Badger – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Too Shy - Badgergoogoo

Badge - Cream

Could It Be Badgic? - Take That

It Must Be Grub - Madness

Digging Your Scene - Blow Monkeys

Brock On - David Essex

Planet Brock - Afrikaa Bambaataa

I Bait Myself And I want To Die - Nirvana

Anything by The White Stripes


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