06/03/2012 17:01 GMT | Updated 06/05/2012 10:12 BST

Amazing New Nasa Photo Shows Three Solar Flares

Nasa has today released a new image showing the power of the sun's solar flares.

Nasa says, don't fret - the effects from these solar flares are expected to be minimal, as they're "side-on" to our planet.

This "X1" solar flare is exciting to scientists because it's firing up in a newly active region, snappily called region 1429.

The sun has blasted an additional two "M-class flares" and along with the "X-class" in the last week, but is expected to produce more.

The third flare, rated an X1, peaked or, erm, flared on March 4.

Solar flares can affect communications here on Earth and in space.

The flares can produce streams of highly energetic particles in a solar wind or coronal mass ejection.

Mobile phone networks can be thrown into disarray, as can communication equipment in spacecraft.

A solar storm in 1859 caused telegraph operators to be shocked, and sparked fires when surges on the telegraph lines set fire to telegraph paper.

Check out these amazing photos of the greatest ball of fire: