Barack Obama Says That 'Folks Faint All The Time At My Events' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Obama Says That 'Folks Faint All The Time At My Events'

We've previously discussed just how cool Barack Obama is, day in, day out. You may disagree with his politics, but his ability to squish a fly in mid-air? Second to none.

His latest bit of awesomeness - though perhaps not as awesome as his crooning skills, admittedly - was the way he handled a lady fainting during one of his rallies yesterday.

Speaking in the town of Mount Holly, North Carolina, trying to drum up support for his reelection campaign, someone in the front row of the crowd passed out - and Obama was on hand to keep everything jolly instead of, you know, worrying.

Which other politician could casually drop the line "...folks faint all the time at my events"? Not David Cameron, we're guessing.

So this video joins the increasingly-long list of cool Obama-based moments, which we've handily compiled into this gallery below. Keep it up, Obama - loving your work.


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