Fox News' Reporter Doug Luzader Falls Asleep During Live Broadcast - Or Does He? (VIDEO)

Watching Fox News reporter Doug Luzader, heads down, not responding to questions from the anchor back in the studio, it's easy to presume he's having an on-air nap.

After all, he's had a damn long day reporting on one of American politics' biggest events, the multi-state primary fest that is Super Tuesday, so if he wanted a little kip, we couldn't begrudge him that.

But it turns out that not all is as it seems. If you take a closer look at the 'sleeping' clip, you can just about spot Luzader blinking every once in a while.

And if you head to the original YouTube video that first posted dodgy handicam-in-front-of-the-telly footage, it looks like Luzader himself has got in touch to clear things up. Here's what the YouTuber in question, Duffy1025, had to say on the matter:

He actually direct messaged me and told me his earpiece was dead and if you look closely enough you can see his eyes blinking. It was sooooo much more funny thinking he was asleep!!

So there you go - it's a blooper, there's no doubt about that, but not the blooper you might immediately believe it to be.

But if you want to see a reporter actually having a little cat nap, here's infamous ranting KTLA weatherman Henry DiCarlo having a little catnap early one morning before his colleagues call him up on it...