Project P.E.W. Makes Skyrim: Elder Scrolls Sweeter

If gory video games are a bit too much for you, then you'll love the sweet game modification Project P.E.W.

The mod adds a cute "pew" sound whenever you shoot an arrow in Skyrim: Elder Scrolls.

It's the kind of sweet sound made by little kids pretending to shoot each other while playing cowboys and Indians.

Watch the video above and try not to smile. There's plenty more examples below too.

The mod was developed by DvS, according to Steam Workshop and doesn't change any of Skyrim’s visuals, just the sound effects.

If you're a PC gamer, no doubt you're on top of this. If not you can head over to Steam Workshop and grab it for your own amusement.

Mods usually up the ante in a game, but there's plenty more sweet, silly mods about. Take posh mudcrabs for instance. Add a top hat and monocle to your enemies, the crustaceans and then take them out by shooting them square in the hat. Adorable.