15/03/2012 05:02 GMT | Updated 14/05/2012 06:12 BST

The New iPad Review Round-Up: Should You Buy One?

The new iPad is due out on Friday 16 March, so are you still tossing up whether to buy one or not?

If you already have an iPad 2, it's a tough decision. Your iPad 2 works really well, the apps look great, and it's a step up from your old first generation iPad, if you upgraded.

Like 15.4 million shoppers who bought an iPad during October and December 2011, you may have only just upgraded around Christmas time.

That raises the very fair question, should you shell out upwards from £399 for the new model?

We've rounded up the reviews from around the web, to help you decide.

The Guardian gives the new iPad 5 stars, and says: "The voice dictation isn't much good, and those who want to plug in a USB hub will be disappointed. Everyone else will find the retina display and better graphics a delight."

The Telegraph also gives it five stars, saying "Apple's new iPad has a better camera, a faster processor and a screen that has to be seen to be believed."

The Evening Standard also gives the new iPad five stars, reporting that "For those considering an iPad for the first time now is definitely the time to buy. For those who already have an iPad 2, while you'll still be getting the same experience, the lure of the retina screen is likely to mean an awful lot of iPad 2s are set to become family hand me downs in the coming weeks."

Washington Post reports that the "'Retina Display' technology makes screen look like glowing paper" and "For those who already own the iPad 2, this isn't necessarily a slam dunk."

CBC news writes that it's not a must-have: "The new device is measurably better than its predecessor, but with the basic Wi-Fi model of the iPad 2 now selling for $419, the older version is starting to look like a deal.

Potential buyers have to ask themselves whether the incremental improvements in the new tablet are worth the extra $100."

More reviews will come in soon, as the next run of media get their hands on test units.

Read on for full pricing options.

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