16/03/2012 09:27 GMT | Updated 16/05/2012 06:12 BST

Mass Effect 3 Ending Outrage Ends In Memes

The outrage over the ending of Mass Effect 3 has resulted in a rash of memes.

The ending of the game has been poorly received and a source of grievance for many fans unimpressed that after investing time in three editions of the game, it all seems to boil down to a pretty explosion in a range of colours.

GameFront, elegantly understated, writes "some are coming away from the game‘s finale a little…upset."

The website listed brevity, being confusing and under-developed, lore errors and plot holes, the discarding of key philosophical themes and the player's choices being completely discarded as reasons for deeming the ending unacceptable.

Others, like YouTuber IAmRodyle are furious. He applied his outrage to the scene from Downfall that's the stock in trade of any outraged, or ironically outraged meme. Watch it below.

YouTube is the ideal forum for rage, and plenty of other YouTubers assembled brilliant montages of their rage at the inadequate ending.

The apparently lax finale is all the more infuriating considering the build up to the new game's launch and the hours that players put in to each edition.

Videogamer reports that a player-funded campaign to have the game's maker BioWare change the ending has received over $50,000 in donations. The money will go to the charity Child's Play.

Chris Priestly, Bioware's community coordinator said they would listen to unhappy fans: "We appreciate everyone's feedback about Mass Effect 3 and want you to know that we are listening."

Writing on the game's official forum, he added: "We understand there is a lot of debate on the Mass Effect 3 ending and we will be more than happy to engage in healthy discussions once more people get to experience the game. We are listening to all of your feedback."

Have you completed Mass Effect 3? What did you think of the ending?

Watch the brilliant YouTube memes, and check out the still memes below.

This is an updated version of a previous article. We have included reference to the Child's Play charity.