16/03/2012 08:54 GMT | Updated 16/03/2012 09:32 GMT

Rowan Williams Archbishop Of Canterbury: The Faithful Fashionista, Eyebrow Trailblazer And Colourful Character

Dr Rowan Williams is to step down as the Archbishop of Canterbury after ten years as guardian of the Church of England.

No stranger to controversy during his time at the top, the formidable Anglican is as notorious for his hair-raising comments as he is for his capricious eyebrows.

For the past ten years Williams has quite literally been a colourful character, a silver-bearded captain at the spiritual helm of the British church.

With his sweeping yellow robes and golden shepherd's crook, Williams has modelled ceremonial dress with a prepossessing groove.

He was the man who married Prince William and Kate Middleton, the first fluent Welsh speaker to take the Archbishop post, and one of Oxford University's youngest professors.

Meet the Archbishop unafraid cutting shapes in front the camera, flaunting flamboyant outfits, expressive gestures, and casual poses.

Warning: some captions may appear irreverent.