Minutes after telling reporters he would deploy the military if state officials could not contain protests against police brutality across the nation, Donald Trump walked across the street from the White House to St John’s Episcopal Church. Bishops across the US condemned the president for using the Bible as a “photo op” for “partisan political purposes” after threatening military action against George Floyd protestors. A crowd of peaceful protestors outside the White House gates were dispersed with tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets to make way for him.
Loving your neighbour means keeping them out of harm's way, Reverend William Barber said - joining other faith leaders criticising Trump's push to reopen churches.
The pastors say they can practice social distancing while having in-person services and that prohibiting them from doing so is unconstitutional.
Ministers hear demands for SPAC Nation to be stripped of charitable status while it faces two probes.
Former members say "bleeding for seed", which involves young people giving the church money made from blood donations, has become normalised.
San Francisco's Grace Cathedral is using Beyoncé's music to highlight black female spirituality.
For those of us with Catholicism running through our chromosomes, coaxing the true Mary out of the embers of a papal patriarchy bonfire means something
The singer apparently wants a private place for “contemplation and prayer.”
To err is human, but to forgive might have to wait until the laughter dies down.
My university bookcase is the best example of how all this exists together. Next to well-worn feminist literature from Laura Bates to Iris Murdoch is my Bible; each loved, each with an important place in my life.