16/03/2012 13:04 GMT | Updated 16/05/2012 06:12 BST

Top Nasa Photos Of The Week

Nasa this week shared images of solar flares, brand new space tech, the astounding shadow of Saturn and a robot reaching out to touch an astronaut in a da Vinci-like pose.

While people down here on Earth queued for iPads, the sun was shooting solar flares into space from a week-long coronial mass ejection, which caused huge, unwarranted panic.

We got to see the NuSTAR focussing telescope which will be the first focusing high energy X-ray mission, which will open up violent galaxies for detailed study. NuSTAR will search for black holes, map supernova explosions, and study the most extreme active galaxies. Expect more brilliant photos as a result.

Saturn was pictured as a black globe with golden rings glistening in the darkness of space, as it shaded Cassini from the sun's glare.

Nasa also reminded us that sometimes, it actually is rocket science, testing new boosters and rockets for the commercial space programme.