Dale Farm: Travellers On Track Leading Up To Former Camp Site Served Eviction Notices

A council today served planning contravention notices on occupiers of caravans stationed in breach of planning regulations along the track leading to Dale Farm.

A spokesman for Basildon Council said similar notices were also served on the lawful pitches off Oak Lane which were currently overcrowded in breach of the regulations, which state that no more than two caravans should be present on a single pitch.

He said: "The relevant traveller families now have 21 days to respond to the notices and leave the area. If they do not leave the area within the time allowed the council will consider the most appropriate action to take to ensure compliance with the law."

Council leader Tony Ball said: "Following the reconnection of the electricity supply we have now served these notices as we said we would do.

"The travellers should not be where they are, they are breaking the law and I hope they will now see sense and move away. If they do not we are prepared to take legal action if appropriate.

"I find it frustrating that having cleared the illegal Dale Farm site last year, what appears to be a small minority of the original residents are persisting with this dangerous and disruptive civil disobedience.

"It is also apparent to us that many of those who are there illegally are new to the area and have nothing to do with the original Dale Farm settlement.

"I am also frustrated along with many local people that this process of enforcing the law takes so long. However there is a due legal process which must be adhered to and as the local authority that is exactly what we must and will do.

"I just wish that the travellers would realise that they must obey the law at all times and not only when it appears to suit them such as when they challenged us in court last year and lost and then subsequently continued to break the law."