Kinect Rush Review

Kinect Rush Review
Kinect Rush review

Written by: Melanie Hick
Date published: 03/22/2012
5 / 5 stars

Kinect Rush could be the most fun you can have jumping around your living room.

The new release from Pixar combines your favourite Pixar films The Incredibles, Ratatoulle, UP, Toy Story and Cars with Kinect motion censor technology.

We tested Rush on a bunch of grown-ups who have a soft spot for Pixar. While there's no blood, gore, shooting or real strategy it was hard not to laugh and yell as we gathered coins and prizes, smashed cars and did some class A jogging on the spot .

It's a shame it's been released in spring, because this is ideal for long dark nights and wine-assisted gameplay.

Rush is designed around participation rewards and team work, rather than competition. It doesn't matter how long it takes players to complete the game, rewards are still gained.

In Rataouille, if you're kind of hopeless at gaming there's a little character who guides you towards the coins you need to retrieve. You get to swim through tunnels and climb through disused buildings, much like Drake, only with much less violence.

Even if you hit the wall of the track you're supposed to follow in Ratatouille - whether due to your wine consumption or spectacularly average gaming ability - there's still great adventures to have on alternate paths. And arrow will also guide you back to where you need to be.

Cars is a fun circuit game with hidden features like secret ramps and power ups. You may find yourself driving sideways on two wheels, either by design or accident.

Kids will find the swimming, driving, jumping and prize collecting a whole lot of fun. Pixar also make a big deal out of customising your character, which is meant to teach kids about colours. At the start of each game, you choose your colourful Pixar character, then their colours become part of your character's uniform.

Kinect Rush really is a great game for families, if the grown-ups will let the underlings anywhere near it.


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