Team GB Kit: Where's The Red?

Where's The Red?

Oh no, they've turned the Union flag blue!” worries the Daily Mail headline questioning the colouring of the new design of the Great Britain Olympic kit.

The paper reports that the freshly designed garb, created by Stella McCartney no less, has “sparked outrage” for the lack of red, “effectively eliminating the St George and St Patrick crosses from the design”.

Indeed, the lack of patriotic red in the final design, so the newspaper insists, amounts to a “massive fail” for the branding.

And as the BBC reports, the disappointment extended to athletes including Scottish Paralympic pentathlete Mhairi Spence, who tweeted:

On Facebook too, where the kit was unveiled, Brits have rushed to criticise the freshly made sports wear, with thoughtful posters offering such insights, as “It's a mockery of the Union Flag”, “This kit fails. Horrible. Where's the flag?” and “an absolute disgrace, where are the union flag colours - red white and blue. How anyone has agreed this is beyond me - disgusting.”

So where is the red? To ease the national outrage, here is a picture of the Team GB kit with the red highlighted.


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