Ten Places Google Maps Won't Let You See

Ten Places Google Maps Won't Let You See

We are all used to searching Google Maps for everyday locations, but there are a number of top secret locations Google Maps doesn't want you to see.

Areas blurred out to protect residents' privacy, or to preserve state secrets, include airports and industrial facilities, royal residences and universities.

The Minami Torishima Airport and Buffalo Niagara International Airport are blurred out as are oil tanks in Vlissingen, Netherlands and the Keowee Dam in South Carolina.

Buildings blocked from view include the Michael Aaf Building, Utah,The Royal Residence, The Netherlands, Cornell University

An entire city has been hidden from view too. The city of Babylon, Iraq, is just a blur on Google Maps, and it's name is nowhere to be seen.

Babylon is the location of a US army base, which was criticised by the British Museum Near East department's Dr John Curtis, who said that the army "caused substantial damage to the Ishtar Gate, one of the most famous monuments from antiquity [...] US military vehicles crushed 2,600-year-old brick pavements, archaeological fragments were scattered across the site, more than 12 trenches were driven into ancient deposits and military earth-moving projects contaminated the site for future generations of scientists [...] Add to all that the damage caused to nine of the moulded brick figures of dragons in the Ishtar Gate by soldiers trying to remove the bricks from the wall."

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