Esteban Diácono's 'Sand Dance' Video Chills Us Out

The internet can be an unsettling place, a cacophony of lurid headlines, Twitter chitter chatter and LOLcats … when we decide we need to chill out, the last place we usually look is online.

Until now.

Thanks to our cousins over the pond, we’ve just discovered this soothing creation by Buenos Aires-based graphics designer Esteban Diácono.

Using floating sand images created using some complex digital wizardry and set to a beautiful soundtrack by Ólafur Arnalds, it’s basically zen in a box.

Thus we’ve cancelled our trip to the country, thrown out our yoga mats and arrived one step closer to the inevitably of one day plugging our brains into the world wide web and living there permanently. We hope the food is good.

Check out these randomly exploding, angelically sound-tracked vapour trails of pure colour bliss for yourself and tell us we’re wrong.