27/03/2012 14:41 BST | Updated 27/03/2012 15:14 BST

Primary School Days: People Reminisce On Twitter (SLIDESHOW, POLL)

Tweeters indulged in some serious sentimentality on Tuesday afternoon, detailing the highs and lows of their #PrimarySchoolDays.

From making daisy chains in the park to the time when homework was that little bit easier, people shared their own memories.

It's not clear what sparked the trend, but it prompted some people at The Huffington Post UK to share their own memories, however disturbing.

Assistant entertainment editor Sarah Dean said primary school brought back bad memories of "a nasty girl flushing my new skipping rope down the loo."

Blogs editor Jody Thompson said she remembers her first day: "I was under the impression that if I didn't like it, I didn't have to go," she said. "Best thing ever however was if a dog got in the playground - the mass hysteria, excitement and the level of fear engendered was equal only to what I imagine what it was like when an nuclear air raid siren went on."

Possibly the best anecdote came from culture editor Sam Parker, who said: "I remember one day letting three or four girls from class colour in my entire face, arms and legs with multi-coloured felt tip pens, just to enjoy the attention. Nothing much changes." The scamp.

Finally news assistant Felicity Morse said: "I told everyone it was my birthday the next day (to use party invites as sandpit leverage). When I walked into the classroom the next day with my mum everyone then sang me happy birthday. My mum told them the truth."

See a selection of the best #PrimarySchoolDays below.

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