28/03/2012 06:56 BST

George Osborne's Pasty Tax Top Twitter Jokes

George Gideon Oliver Osborne is no doubt roux-ing the day he proposed VAT changes on hot food. Pasty-lovers are rising to the challenge, championing the noble British snack on social media sites with a hunger that threatens to leave the Chancellor with pie on his face.

On Tuesday, the pasty was championed as part of the nicknamed 'pasty tax', as Cornish councillors and MPs warned that Osborne's plans would hit the southern snack economy hard.

The Oxford-educated Conservative MP has admitted he 'didn't know' when he last bought a pasty and has been compared to Marie Antoinette for being 'out of touch' with the general public.

However, as bakegate heats up, and Greggs Chief Executive gives short thrift to Osbourne, pies have become the delicacy du jour.

#pieshakespeare has begun trending on Twitter, as users of the social media site cook up pie puns to fit the playwright's best lines.

This swiftly transformed into #replacefilmtitles with pie, with some suggesting Osborne would perhaps enjoy the film, Lord Of The Pies.

How long will it be before Osborne's considered a crusty politician as well as flaky?