In the light of opposition to the VAT increase, the finance minister has announced a panel of experts to review the basket of zero-rated items.
Everything is affected – even things that aren't.
The biggest challenge is that any increase in indirect taxes affects the price of goods and services.
Here are some of the messages you may have received, alerting you to increased bills. Sorry!
It's the poorest South Africans who bear the cost and who have little choice but to eat what they've been served.
It has been alleged that the Sars commissioner sped up the payment of tax refunds owed to the Guptas into a third-party bank account.
If the VAT increase is to remain in place, pragmatism and social justice demands that this list is expanded to cover other essentials.
While South Africa faces a new dawn, the budget is surprisingly balanced and not overly ambitious.
"I think this Budget was largely about increasing taxes through indirect taxes."
Following South Africa’s first VAT increase in 25 years, HuffPost spoke to Deloitte SA and Pacsa to get a practical insight into what it means.