04/04/2012 08:45 BST | Updated 04/04/2012 09:45 BST

James Bond Swaps Martinis For A Pint Of Heineken In New Film 'Skyfall'

There are a few catchphrases and character traits that have gone on to define franchises and one of the most iconic, James Bond's trademark order of a martini, "shaken, not stirred", is set to change due to an advertising deal.

Ahead of the release of Skyfall this year, the 23rd film in the series, it has emerged that the suave super-spy, known for his classy tuxedos, drinking and serial womanising, will be swapping his refined beverage for a pint of Heineken in at least one scene in the upcoming movie.

According to Advertising Age, Daniel Craig, the sixth man to officially play Bond, will also star in an advert for the beer company, more or less in character.

Craig will also feature on special packaging for the company ahead of the film's release.

While there is room for debate on the now rife, unsubtle practice of product placement in major films (watch Omega's getting one over on Rolex in this clip from Casino Royale), it's also noticeable that this is only one step in a move towards a more rugged James Bond under Daniel Craig.

007 now dresses far more casually, even sporting t-shirts, and when he does get into the classic tuxedo, it usually ends up getting roughed up or ruined in a way that would have revolted the suave Bonds of Sean Connery or Roger Moore.

The Aston Martin featured in the record-setting wreck, showing a more gritty, rough era of Bond

The Aston Martin has been a fixture in James Bond lore. It usually remains spotless and comes equipped with high-tech, if implausible, gadgets.

However, in both of Craig's films, Bond has managed to write off one of the high-end cars, be it through gunfire or this spectacular crash, which actually set a world record for number of revolutions in a car crash.

The 21st century Bond films are undoubtedly more gritty – perhaps Bond's change of drink from a finely-prepared cocktail to a straight-to-the-point pint is just one more symbol of his character evolution from a irresistibly smooth operator towards a more gritty, reluctant everyman.

However, it's unlikely he'll ever become "Bond, Jimmy Bond" and settle his disputes with a round of darts down the local and a car park scuffle instead of a high-stakes game of baccarat.

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