Lightning Bolts Bombard Albuquerque, New Mexico (PICTURES)

Lightning Bolts Bombard Albuquerque, New Mexico (PICTURES)

They say lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice, but these bolts have bombarded the same area over eleven hair-raising minutes.

Each individual lightning bolt pounds the ground with an average power of one billion volts, so the force of dozens of bolts a second over more than ten minutes can barely be imaged.

Tour guide, Roch Hart, 52, took these incredible shots from his roof in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, just two miles away from the lightning strikes.

“After a day of tours I noticed this storm develop,” said Roch.

Scroll down for a hair-raising slideshow of Roch's snaps

“Realising the potential I ran to the roof, stationed the camera on my tripod and began taking photos. The storm was unleashing all its power only in one area.

“Due to Albuquerque’s high altitude of over 5,200 feet, plus the very dry atmosphere and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, the conditions were right for multiple lightning strikes in a short time.”

Over 200 people a year are killed in the US by lightning strikes, and New Mexico is often the state with the most deaths.

Roch explained why be had to be careful when taking these awesome pictures.

“You take every precaution to not be that highest object, yet it is possible to still be hit,” he said.

“The scariest moments are at night when you can’t see the storm developing over your head.

“All of a sudden a very bright light with amazing power conveyed by the clap of thunder makes you dive to the ground, then gather up your stuff and head for cover.

“The power and sound is very exhilarating and with each strike you capture you want more.

“Photographing lightning has become a passion. Someday I would hope to travel the world in capturing lightning.”


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