Student Believes She Is A Wizard And Lives In Hogwarts After Wisdom Teeth Operation (VIDEO)

MAGIC: Girl Discovers She Is A Wizard

A student has uploaded a video of herself on anaesthetic following an operation to remove her wisdom teeth in which she believes she lives in Hogwarts – and it has gone viral.

In the video, seen by more than 300,000 people, the girl, mouth open and speech slurred says "Oh whoa" as she is put into a wheelchair following the surgery. First spotted by Jezebel, she goes on to claim that she lives in Hogwarts and has been the victim of spell.

Her words barely audible, she claims not to live in America and is clearly shocked as she cries: "I don't remember where we live".

"Hogwarts," she says. "I am a wizard… They put on a spell on me."

"I have my light saber," she says, adding it's time to get revenge - after a snack break.

In a second video she says, "I am a wizard. I can fly!"

The girl is not the first student to upload a video showing the after-effects of anaesthesia - a search on youtube produces more than 1,000 results.

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