'Text From Dog': Our Favourite Hilarious New Tumblr (PICS)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet @OctoberJones. Talented animator, funny Tweeter and the owner of a bulldog... who texts him.

Fortunately, Mr Jones has had the insight to screengrab his text exchanges with his pooch - and collect them for our viewing pleasure on the Tumblr 'Text From Dog'.

"My dog and I are so happy that people are enjoying the texts," Jones told The Huffington Post UK. "Although he feels he deserves more of the credit."

This, as you can tell from reading some of the exchanges, is not entirely surprising - Jones's dog is nothing if not self-absorbed. Take a look at some of our favourites below - warning: some contain sweariness - and head over to the Tumblr for more canine-texting brilliance.