12/04/2012 12:29 BST | Updated 12/06/2012 06:12 BST

Amazing High Tech Homes - PHOTOS

High tech homes are not just those with the most gadgets. The high tech home of 2012 is sustainable and allows gadgets and gizmos to drop into the background.

These buildings use materials, shapes and ideas that blitz the desirability of a Georgian semi: infinity pools in every apartment, houses that resemble hydrofoils and swimming pools that disappear are just some of the wild and exciting ideas out there in dream-house land.

Huf Haus, the German pre-built home system, uses a modular technique that drops a home onto a site almost in one go. The newest Huf Haus has a full roof of photo voltaic panels so the house can feed electricity back into the national grid.

The Aqua Grande features an infinity pool on every level, an utter indulgence butr which but tips a nod to sustainability with energy efficient glass that can cool in summer and warm the home in winter.

Tech can make your swimming pool disappear as the Hydrofloor system provides a pool when you need it, or a dancefloor when you've done your laps. The amazing system raises the floor as the water drains away. All you need to finish the job is a mop.

Enjoy ogling our slideshow of amazing homes from across the world below.